You and your friend head to the arcade to play some classic games. One that catches your eye is a fighting game called Duelity which is being recalled due to it being buggy. Nevertheless you decide to give it a go.

Duelity is a classic fighter game with a twist! You load into the game assigned to your character and colour, however as you play, the game will glitch and your characters will switch.

This project was created for the Global Game Jam hosted by Outplay Entertainment Ltd with the assigned theme of Duality. Our take on duality was to take the contrasting elements of friend and foe and meld them together. Instead of understanding your character's play style in order to defeat your opponent, your foe will at times become who you control, thus requiring you to adapt and shift your playstyle to defeat the familiar.


Ben Gatt - Programmer
Sean Borg - Programmer
Daniel Cutajar - Artist
Courtney Spivey - Designer

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AuthorsDeeCeeWorks, GamingCoder, suborn, Courtney Spivey
TagsArcade, duality, fighter, Global Game Jam, Multiplayer, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds


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